"Once we left land, society as we knew it didn't exist. What did exist was our little ship and family wrapped securely in Neptune's arms."

- April and Bruce Winship

Marketing is essential for any business in the 21st century. It doesn't matter what it is, a cafe or a simple blog in which you talk about your life and want to make money on it. But if the advertising in the understanding of the 20th century is billboards, leaflets, and mentions in newspapers, now everything has changed. Now all advertising is on the Internet. There are several companies in the world that share the entire native advertising network market. The largest ones are Google (advertising in a search service and built-in advertising on websites) and Facebook (advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger)

Set Sail and Live Your Dreams is the story of how we were able to embark on our 10-year sabbatical at sea cruising Mexico, Central and South America with our young daughters on our catamaran Chewbacca. It's how we rekindled the cruising dream, prepared our boat and ourselves for life afloat, mastered seamanship, homeschooling and raising a family on 33-feet in both idyllic and dangerous times.


A Blue Job Turns Pink
Chapter 30

"We had found paradise, but it wasn't a point on a map that had defined our paradise. Paradise was the journey itself."

Chewbacca at sea
Winship family in the Sea of Cortez
San Blas Islands, Panama
Turtle rescue
Set sail n live your dreams