Sailing Vessel Chewbacca

Refit in Cartagena

Looking down from the mast top

The Panama Canal

Port hull

Starboard hull

Chewbacca salon

Chewbacca out of the water

Back to the water

Charging up the river in Panama

Meet the Crew of Chewbacca

D-Day: Bound for Mexico

Bruce servicing our main engine

April's turn on watch

Kendall's catch

Quincy keeping watch for reefs

K & Q Sea of Cortez

K & Q with the family pets


Bruce up the mast

Kendall and Stella

Hot out of the oven

Quincy and Sherman

Wondrous Lands and People

Kuna Indian with her Molas

A canoe from scratch, Panama

Guatemalan girl

Guatamalan flower market

Copan ruins, Honduras

Juliano's traveling market, San Blas.

Raft up with fellow cruisers, Mexico


Guatemalan Gentleman

Kuna Matron


A lesson at sea

Preparing for a new country

Lesson planning


More school work

Fellow boat kids

Immersed in school

Reading with Rey

Open air classroom

School work

Homeschooling parents

Homeschool classroom is everywhere

School time while underway

Set sail n live your dreams
A canoe from scratch, Panama