About the Authors

Bruce and April Winship were young and newly married when they decided to go looking for a little adventure. With little to no experience they hopped on a sailboat bound for Tahiti, and after two years of crewing on different sailboats throughout the South Pacific, Central and South America, they returned home with a burning passion to rediscover paradise on their own boat… this time as a family.


Set Sail & Live Your Dreams is the story of how Bruce and April overcame adversity, financial hurdles, and a steep learning curve to create the adventure of a lifetime for themselves and their two young daughters. Their voyage of discovery exposes the hardships of almost losing their boat on a reef, the challenges of homeschooling to the joyous moments spent anchored at uninhabited islands for months at a time.

A Note From the Authors

We are grateful to all of our cruising friends who helped shape our happy experience, and for Kendall and Quincy who made our journey a treasured memory. A genuine thank you to the staff of Seaworthy Publications, who helped bring our adventure to life.

Set sail n live your dreams